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4-May-2015Indigenous students' persistence in higher education in Australia: contextualising models of change from psychology to understand and aid students' practices at a cultural interfaceDay, A; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Martin, G
2014Dark Emu Black Seeds : Agriculture Or Accident?Pascoe, B
1-Feb-2015Digital engagement and the ATSILIRN protocols: indigenous Australian experiences and expertise guiding the use of social media in librariesThorpe, KA; Joseph, M
19-Jun-2015Diversity, Recognition, Respect: Embedding Indigenous Services at the State Library of New South Wales, AustraliaThorpe, KA; Galassi, M
3-Apr-2018Diversity, inclusion & respect: Embedding Indigenous priorities in public library servicesThorpe, K; Galassi, M
1-Sep-2012BRIDGING COMMUNITIES: Foundations for the interchange of ideasEvans, J; Faulkhead, S; Manaszewicz, R; Thorpe, K
1-Dec-2016Mudjil'dya'djurali dabuwa'wurrata (how the white waratah became red): D'harawal storytelling and welcome to country "controversies"Bodkin-Andrews, G; Bodkin, AF; Andrews, UG; Whittaker, A
1-Jun-2017Moving beyond essentialism: Aboriginal parental perceptions of school bullying and school engagementBodkin-Andrews, G; Whittaker, A; Cooper, E; Parada, RH; Denson, N; Bansel, P
12-Oct-2018The Unbearable Witness, Seeing: A Case for Indigenous Methodologies in Australian Soft LawWhittaker, AJ
Dec-2019Indications and administration practices amongst medical cannabis healthcare providers: a cross-sectional surveyCorroon, J; Sexton, M; Bradley, R
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