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2020-09Pathogen flows from on-site sanitation systems in low-income urban neighborhoods, Dhaka: A quantitative environmental assessmentAmin, N; Liu, P; Foster, T; Rahman, M; Miah, MR; Ahmed, GB; Kabir, M; Raj, S; Moe, CL; Willetts, J
2020-10-29Modelling Faecal Pathogen Flows and Health Risks in Dhaka: What it Means for Sanitation Decision-makingFoster, T; Amin, N; Rahman, M; Liu, P; Moe, C; Willetts, J
2021-11-26Effective Treatment Strategies for the Removal of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Antibiotic-Resistance Genes, and Antibiotic Residues in the Effluent From Wastewater Treatment Plants Receiving Municipal, Hospital, and Domestic Wastewater: Protocol for a Systematic Review.Alam, M-U; Ferdous, S; Ercumen, A; Lin, A; Kamal, A; Luies, SK; Sharior, F; Khan, R; Rahman, MZ; Parvez, SM; Amin, N; Tadesse, BT; Moushomi, NA; Hasan, R; Taneja, N; Islam, MA; Rahman, M
2018-08-01A Randomized Controlled Trial to Measure Spillover Effects of a Combined Water, Sanitation, and Handwashing Intervention in Rural Bangladesh.Benjamin-Chung, J; Amin, N; Ercumen, A; Arnold, BF; Hubbard, AE; Unicomb, L; Rahman, M; Luby, SP; Colford, JM
2021-12-08Field Trial of an Automated Batch Chlorinator System at Two Shared Shallow Tubewells among Camps for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.Amin, N; Rahman, M; Alam, M-U; Shoab, AK; Alome, MK; Amin, M; Huda, TMN; Unicomb, L
2018-11-10Case-Fatality Ratio of Blood Culture-Confirmed Typhoid Fever in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Yu, AT; Amin, N; Rahman, MW; Gurley, ES; Rahman, KM; Luby, SP
2020-04Developing a forecasting model for cholera incidence in Dhaka megacity through time series climate data.Daisy, SS; Saiful Islam, AKM; Akanda, AS; Faruque, ASG; Amin, N; Jensen, PKM
2020-11-01Barriers and Enabling Factors for Central and Household Level Water Treatment in a Refugee Setting: A Mixed-Method Study among Rohingyas in Cox's Bazar, BangladeshAlam, M-U; Unicomb, L; Ahasan, SMM; Amin, N; Biswas, D; Ferdous, S; Afrin, A; Sarker, S; Rahman, M
2015-01Differences in field effectiveness and adoption between a novel automated chlorination system and household manual chlorination of drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh: a randomized controlled trial.Pickering, AJ; Crider, Y; Amin, N; Bauza, V; Unicomb, L; Davis, J; Luby, SP
2021-05Pre-existing COPD is associated with an increased risk of mortality and severity in COVID-19: a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis.Rabbani, G; Shariful Islam, SM; Rahman, MA; Amin, N; Marzan, B; Robin, RC; Alif, SM
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