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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation in Papua New GuineaJacobs, B; McKenna, K; Boronyak, L; Dem, F; Sui, S; Pomoh, K; Jimbudo, M; Maraia, H
2019-04-01Application of risk-based, adaptive pathways to climate adaptation planning for public conservation areas in NSW, AustraliaJacobs, B; Boronyak, L; Mitchell, P
2016-07-26Dynamic Adaptive Management Process - Supporting Community Adaptation to Water Shortages in KiribatiMukheibir, P; Boronyak, L
2014-02-01The welfare ethics of the commercial killing of free-ranging kangaroos: An evaluation of the benefits and costs of the industryBen-Ami, D; Boom, K; Boronyak, L; Townend, C; Ramp, D; Croft, DB; Bekoff, M
2022-01-01Pathways towards coexistence with large carnivores in production systemsBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B; Wallach, A; McManus, J; Stone, S; Stevenson, S; Smuts, B; Zaranek, H
2020-03-07Recognizing animal personhood in compassionate conservationWallach, AD; Batavia, C; Bekoff, M; Alexander, S; Baker, L; Ben-Ami, D; Boronyak, L; Cardilini, APA; Carmel, Y; Celermajer, D; Coghlan, S; Dahdal, Y; Gomez, JJ; Kaplan, G; Keynan, O; Khalilieh, A; Kopnina, H; Lynn, WS; Narayanan, Y; Riley, S; Santiago-Ávila, FJ; Yanco, E; Zemanova, MA; Ramp, D
2018-10-31Engagement on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change AdaptationBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B; McKenna, K; Dem, F; Pommoh, K; Sui, S; Jimbudo, M
2011-06-01Institutional Barriers to Intelligent Grid, Working Paper 4.1, Version 3Dunstan, C; Daly, J; Langham, E; Boronyak, L; Rutovitz, J
2018-03-05Improving climate adaptation communication and decision-making between government and communitiesMukheibir, P; Boronyak, L; Cunningham, R
2017-12-19PNG’s role in facilitating climate change dialogueMcKenna, K; Pomoh, K; Boronyak, L; Jacobs, B
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