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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-10Will COVID-19 support the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry?Brydges, T; Retamal, M; Hanlon, M
2021-01-01Coming into fashion: Expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept to the creative industries through a Toronto case studyBrydges, T; Pugh, R
2021-03-04Changing geographies of fashion during the Covid‐19: The Australian caseBrydges, T; Heinze, L; Retamal, M
2021-04-01Closing the loop on take, make, waste: Investigating circular economy practices in the Swedish fashion industryBrydges, T
2022-01-01Hustling in the creative industries: Narratives and work practices of female filmmakers and fashion designersSteedman, R; Brydges, T
2022-11-01Exploring supply chain sustainability drivers during COVID-19- Tale of 2 citiesAlblowi, R; Brydges, T; Henninger, CE; Heinze, L; Retamal, M; Parker-Strak, R; Blazquez, M
2023-01-23State of play in Australian sustainable fashion research: Current and future directionsRetamal, M; Brydges, T; Sharpe, S; Ferrero-Regis, T; Fisher, D; Gwilt, A; Lake, L; Holgar, M; Khan, R; Nay, Z; Payne, A; Roberts, K
2021-08-02The field of fashion in the digital age: Insights from global and ‘not-so-global’ fashion centresBrydges, T; d’Ovidio, M; Lavanga, M; Leslie, D; Rantisi, N; Hracs, BJ; Brydges, T; Haisch, T; Hauge, A; Jansson, J; Sjoholm, J
2022My Wardrobe in the Cloud: An International Comparison of Fashion RentalBrydges, T; Henninger, CE; Amasawa, E; Piontek, FM
2018-03-01Consuming Canada: How fashion firms leverage the landscape to create and communicate brand identities, distinction and valuesBrydges, T; Hracs, BJ
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