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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01A systematic review of current evidence: Private and social enterprise engagement in water and sanitation for the poor - Working Paper 1Gero, A; Carrard, NR; Murta, J; Willetts, JR
2012-01Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia - Workshop Three reportMukheibir, P; Gero, A; Herriman, J
2013-01-01Traditional coping strategies and disaster response: Examples from the south pacific regionFletcher, SM; Thiessen, J; Gero, A; Rumsey, M; Kuruppu, N; Willetts, J
2013-01Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, AustraliaMukheibir, P; Kuruppu, N; Gero, A; Herriman, E
2010-01Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the Pacific: The challenge of integration. ATRC-NHRL Miscellaneous Report 4Gero, A; Meheux, K; Dominey-Howes, D
2011-01-19Integrating community based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Examples from the PacificGero, A; Méheux, K; Dominey-Howes, D
2013-01Child centered-Community based climate change adaptation in the Philippines. Local indicators research: A review of literature on local indicators of adaptive capacity and resilience to climate changeGero, A; Chong, J
2018-12-01Beyond a token effort: Gender transformative climate change action in the PacificGero, A; Winterford, K; Megaw, T; Kauhue, E; Tangi, T
2012-12-01Surveying rip current survivors: Preliminary insights into the experiences of being caught in rip currentsDrozdzewski, D; Shaw, W; Dominey-Howes, D; Brander, R; Walton, T; Gero, A; Sherker, S; Goff, J; Edwick, B
2014-02-12A qualitative examination of the health workforce needs during climate change disaster response in Pacific Island CountriesRumsey, M; Fletcher, SM; Thiessen, J; Gero, A; Kuruppu, N; Daly, J; Buchan, J; Willetts, J
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