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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Working relationships for sustainability: Improving work-based relationships in local government to bring about sustainability goalsHerriman, J; Storey, H; Smith, P; Collier, G
2011-01Deliberative Mini-publics and the Global Deliberative System: Insights from an Evaluation of World Wide Views on Global Warming in AustraliaRiedy, C; Herriman, J
2011-11-09The Australian experience of World Wide Views on global warming: The first global deliberation processHerriman, J; Atherton, A; Vecellio, L
2013-11-01Overcoming cross-scale challenges to climate change adaptation for local government: A focus on AustraliaMukheibir, P; Kuruppu, N; Gero, A; Herriman, J
2013-01Stakeholder and citizen roles in public deliberationKahane, D; Loptson, K; Herriman, J; Hardy, M
2015-05-21Stakeholder Perceptions of Deliberative Democratic ProcessesLederwasch, A; Herriman, J; Riedy, CJ
2013-01Innovative techniques for local community engagement on climate change adaptationRiedy, C; Herriman, J; Ross, K; Lederwasch, AJ; Boronyak, LJ; James, P; Hudson, C; Carroll-Bell, S; Taing, A
2013-01Active and participatory learning for sustainability in an online space: The case study of CrowdTVRoss, KE; Herriman, J
2012-01Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia - Workshop One draft reportKuruppu, N; Gero, A; Mukheibir, P; Herriman, J
2009-01Designing the Duck River Waste Exchange ProgramFyfe, J; Herriman, J; Blackburn, N; Asker, SA; Giurco, D
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