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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-31Formative Evaluation of the Australian Volunteers Program's Thematic Impact AreasGero, A; Winterford, K; Megaw, T; Falletta, J; Fee, A
2020-06-30Literature review of gender-transformative change and social accountability. Gender-transformative social accountability - Working Paper 1.Winterford, K; Megaw, T; Gero, A
2020Guidance Notes: Gender-transformative social accountability - Gender and Social Inclusion in Citizen Voice and Action in SHOMOTAWinterford, K; Megaw, T; Panday, PK; Baroi, HS; Ahsan, AHMK; Ferdows, HL; Roy, P
2019-10-14Troubling encounters: The pursuit of human rights to water and sanitation in the face of climate changeMegaw, T
2019-09-05Impacts of Climate Change on Sustainable and Inclusive WASH ServicesMegaw, T; Kohlitz, J; Sugi, F
2020Climate Change Response for Inclusive WASH: A guidance note for Plan International IndonesiaKohlitz, J; Megaw, T; Chong, J; Sugi, F; Palaipeni, P; Emanual, Y; Brikman, H; Joman, Y; Landa, S; Talan, J; Leong, L; Kelleher, J; Gero, A
2020-09-01Deep Dive Evaluation of Inclusive Economic Growth in IndonesiaWinterford, K; Gero, A; Megaw, T; Fee, A; Cunningham, R
2020Socially-inclusive Responses to Climate Change Impacts on WASH: Case Study in Manggarai, Flores, IndonesiaMegaw, T; Kohlitz, J; Chong, J
2020Gender-transformative social accountability model. Gender-transformative social accountability - Working Paper 2.Megaw, T; Winterford, K
2020Understanding and responding to climate change impacts in inclusive WASH programs – a conceptual framework – Learning PaperMegaw, T; Kohlitz, J; Gero, A; Chong, J
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