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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01End-use forecasting in the context of building adaptive water servicesMukheibir, P; Boyle, TM; Mitchell, CA
2007-01Demonstration of innovative community based water cycle management system. Stage 1: sustainability screening and evaluationMitchell, CA; Cordell, DJ
2013-07-04Recycled water investment decisions: case studies in balancing the costs, benefits, and risksMitchell, CA; Murta, J; Retamal, M; Turner, A; Carrard, N; Chong, J
2000-02-23Strategies for dealing with piggery effluent in Australia: The sequencing batch reactor as a solutionEdgerton, BD; McNevin, D; Wong, CH; Menoud, P; Barford, JP; Mitchell, CA
2007-01Getting the basics right: Water and sanitation in South East Asia and the PacificMitchell, CA; Willetts, JR; Carrard, NR
2009-01A transdisciplinary perspective on industrial ecology researchMitchell, CA; Boons, F; Howard-Grenville, J
2011-01Planning for resilient water systems - a water supply and demand investment options assessment frameworkMukheibir, P; Mitchell, CA
2011-01Effectively managing the transition towards restorative futures in the sewage industry: a phosphorus case studyMitchell, CA; Fam, DM; Cordell, DJ; Howe, C; Mitchell, C
2006-01-01Metaphors used by some engineering academics in Australia for understanding and explaining sustainabilityCarew, AL; Mitchell, CA
2014-01Shifts happen: Making better recycled water investment decisionsMukheibir, P; Turner, AJ; Mitchell, CA; Chong, J; Murta, J; Retamal, ML; Carrard, NR; Delaney, CC; Champion, CIPWEAA
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