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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Demonstration of innovative community based water cycle management system. Stage 1: sustainability screening and evaluationMitchell, CA; Cordell, DJ
Jan-2002Survey of education, training and continuing professional developmentMitchell, CA; McGee, CM; Reardon, CC; Hawke, GA
Dec-2014Revolutionising how we think about infrastructureMitchell, CA
Jan-2003Conditions for dominance of flotation in batch electrocoagulationHolt, PK; Barton, GW; Mitchell, CA; N/A
Jan-2003Visiting the hall of mirrors: engineering academics' conceptions of sustainabilityCarew, A; Mitchell, CA; Brown, A
1-Dec-2004Deciphering the science behind electrocoagulation to remove suspended clay particles from waterHolt, PK; Barton, GW; Mitchell, CA
Jan-2004The role of the professional engineers and scientists in sustainable developmentMitchell, CA; Carew, A; Clift, R; Azapagic, A; Perdan Clift, R
Jan-2007Creativity, ethics and transformation: key factors in a transdisciplinary application of systems methodology to resolving wicked problems in sustainabilityPalmer, JM; Smith, T; Willetts, JR; Mitchell, CA; Sheffield, J; Fielden, K
Jan-2008City limits: pushing boundaries in urban infill developmentMcGee, CM; Mitchell, CA; Retamal, ML; Foliente, G; Luetzkendorf, T; Newton, P; Paevere, P
Jan-2008Institutional arrangements for onsite and decentralised systems: needs and opportunities for key players in the field of distributed wastewater managementMitchell, CA; Abeysuriya, K; Willetts, JR; West; S; Whitehead; J; Devellerez; Pl
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