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2013-01A projection of future energy and greenhouse gas emissions intensity from copper miningMudd, GM; Weng, Z; Northey, S; Jowitt, S; Memary, R; Mohr, SH; Giurco, D; Mason, LM; Hassani, F; Ednie, H
2019-05-01Defining freshwater as a natural resource: a framework linking water use to the area of protection natural resourcesPradinaud, C; Northey, S; Amor, B; Bare, J; Benini, L; Berger, M; Boulay, AM; Junqua, G; Lathuillière, MJ; Margni, M; Motoshita, M; Niblick, B; Payen, S; Pfister, S; Quinteiro, P; Sonderegger, T; Rosenbaum, RK
2013-01Future greenhouse gas emissions from copper mining: Assessing clean energy scenariosMudd, GM; Weng, Z; Memary, R; Northey, S; Giurco, D; Mohr, SH; Mason, LM
2022-09-01Certification and sustainability assessment for battery materials: review of requirements and data commonalitiesLangdon, R; Berry, F; Northey, S; Giurco, D; Li, W; Farjana, S; Cox, D
2022-01-01Effects of the energy transition on environmental impacts of cobalt supply: A prospective life cycle assessment study on future supply of cobaltvan der Meide, M; Harpprecht, C; Northey, S; Yang, Y; Steubing, B
2018-08-15The current state and future directions of percolation leaching in the Chinese mining industry: Challenges and opportunitiesIlankoon, IMSK; Tang, Y; Ghorbani, Y; Northey, S; Yellishetty, M; Deng, X; McBride, D
2016-01-01Life cycle assessment of rare earth production from monaziteBrowning, C; Northey, S; Haque, N; Bruckard, W; Cooksey, M; Kirchain, RE; Blanpain, B; Meskers, C; Olivetti, E; Apelian, D; Howarter, J; Kvithyld, A; Mishra, B; Neelameggham, NR; Spangenberger, J
2023-10A new approach for modelling primary mineral supply scenarios and associated environmental impactsNorthey, S; Pauliuk, S; Klose, S; Giurco, D; Yellishetty, M
2023-06Evaluating long-term co-product mineral supply and exploration interdependencies using the PEMMSS modelNorthey, S; Giurco, D
2023-06Approaches for benchmarking min site water management and contextsNorthey, S; Mudd, G
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