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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Human rights imperatives and the failings of the Stronger Futures consultation processPartridge, EY; Maddison, S; Nicholson, A
2008-01Mainstreaming sustainable housing: policies and programs that workMcGee, CM; Partridge, EY; Carrard, NR; Milne, GR; Foliente, G; Luetzkendorf, T; Newton, P; Paevere, P
2007-01Customer survey feedback from demand management and planning project investigationsPartridge, EY; McGee, CM
2006-01Learning together for sustainability: the value of group based peer learningHerriman, J; Willetts, JR; Partridge, EY; Attwater, R; Merson, J
2009-01Watering sportsgrounds during restrictions: perspectives from Melbourne Metropolitan CouncilsChong, J; Partridge, EY; Australlian Water Association, AWA
2012-01Research into the Economic, Social and Environmental Implications of Population Growth in Australian Cities: Case Study - Mandurah, WAHerriman, E; Partridge, EY; Moore, DD; Sharpe, SA; Paddon, M
2008-01What do UTS students think about climate change? survey resultsPartridge, EY; Atherton, AM
2005-01Woollahra Sustainability PlanPartridge, EY; Phadtare, I; Edgerton, N
2009-01Experiencing the toxic city: effects of contamination and its remediation on individuals and communities in urban AustraliaPrior, JH; Partridge, EY; Maginn, P; Jones, R
2009-01Practitioners' views on the past, present and future of social planning in AustraliaPrior, JH; Partridge, EY; Maginn, PJ; Jones, R; Haslam-Mackenzie, FWBBCJGCBKSMGPSPTSBJTM; Van, N
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