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2019-08-08What Evidence is Available to Translate into Planning Strategies for Healthy Higher Density Living?Connon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thompson, S; Rissel, C; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Thomas, L; Westcott, H
2008-09-16Ritual, liminality and transformation: Secular spirituality in Sydney's gay bathhousesPrior, J; Cusack, C
2018Contexte: une étude comparée sur la planification spatiale de l’artificialisation des sols en France et en Australie [ Context: a comparative study on the spatial planning of soil artificialisation in France and Australia]Prior, J; Maurel, P; Plant, R; Maurel, P; Barbe, E; Brennan, J
2018-03-01Law, pliability and the multicultural city: Documenting planning law in actionHubbard, P; Prior, J
2012-01-01The manifestation of queer theology: The act of "promulgating universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt" through the (re)inscription of rituals, artefacts, devotional practices and placePrior, J
2017-12-01Engaging with residents’ perceived risks and benefits about technologies as a way of resolving remediation dilemmasPrior, J; Rai, T
2014-10-02We get the most information from the sources we trust least: Residents' perceptions of risk communication on industrial contaminationPrior, J; Partridge, E; Plant, R
2015-10-18Is your house a brothel? Prostitution policy, provision of sex services from home, and the maintenance of respectable domesticityPrior, J; Crofts, P
2013-01-01Policing, planning and sex: Governing bodies, spatiallyCrofts, P; Hubbard, P; Prior, J
2013-11-01Planning, law, and sexuality: Hiding immorality in plain viewPrior, J; Crofts, P; Hubbard, P
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