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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-01Carbon emissions intensity reduction target for China's power industry: An efficiency and productivity perspectiveXian, Y; Wang, K; Shi, X; Zhang, C; Wei, YM; Huang, Z
2020-12-01The marginal abatement cost curve and optimized abatement trajectory of CO2 emissions from China’s petroleum industryWang, K; Xian, Y; Yang, K; Shi, X; Wei, YM; Huang, Z
2019-10-01Unveiling key drivers of indirect carbon emissions of Chinese older householdsZhang, H; Zhang, L; Wang, K; Shi, X
2019-05-01Can energy-price regulations smooth price fluctuations? Evidence from China's coal sectorZhang, Y; Nie, R; Shi, X; Qian, X; Wang, K
2019-06-20Spatial heterogeneity and driving forces of environmental productivity growth in China: Would it help to switch pollutant discharge fees to environmental taxes?Wang, J; Wang, K; Shi, X; Wei, YM
2022-09-20Have Competitive Electricity Markets Rewarded Flexible Gas-Powered Generation? Australia’s Lessons for ASEANShi, X; Zhang, L; Wang, K; Chen, W; Phoumin, H
2018-01-01A Permit Trading Scheme for Capping Issues in Energy Transition: Case Study of Coal Capacity Control in ChinaShi, X; Wang, K; Shen, Y; Sheng, Y; Zhang, Y
2020-05-20A permit trading scheme for facilitating energy transition: A case study of coal capacity control in ChinaShi, X; Wang, K; Shen, Y; Sheng, Y; Zhang, Y
2020-10Prioritizing driving factors of household carbon emissions: An application of the LASSO model with survey dataShi, X; Wang, K; Cheong, TS; Zhang, H
2020-10-01Convergence of carbon emissions at the household level in China: A distribution dynamics approachZhang, H; Shi, X; Cheong, TS; Wang, K
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