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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 1. Extended Producer Responsibility: Principles, Policy and Practice in NSWWhite, S; Calvert, F; Cordell, DJ; O'Rourke, A; Waters, SC; Young, E
2002-01Minimum performance standards for showerheads in Australia-the benefits and the barriersDay, D; White, S; Association, AW
2012-01Options to improve the water and energy efficiency of existing evaporative air conditionersMurta, J; Milne, GR; Turner, AJ; White, S; Harris, SM; Mukheibir, P
2001-01Product Innovation: the green advantageHendriks, C; Kuiper, G; White, S
2011-01Pathways towards sustainable urban transport development. Investigating the transferability of Munich best practice in collaborative stakeholder dialogue to the context of SydneyBaumann, C; White, S; Whitzman, C; Fincher, R
2008-01Putting the economics in its place: decision-making in an uncertain environmentWhite, S; Fane, SA; Giurco, D; Turner, AJ; Zografos, C; Howarth, R
2011-01Collaborative stakeholder dialogue: a pragmatic pathway towards sustainable urban transport developmentBaumann, C; White, S; Maginn, P
2016-02-01Managing drought: Learning from AustraliaTurner, A; White, S; Chong, J; Dickinson, M; Cooley, H; Donnelly, K
2005-01Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part A: Developing an Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Empowering the CommunityWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
2008-01The Story of Phosphorus: Sustainability implications of global fertilizer scarcity for Australia - synthesis reportCordell, DJ; White, S
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