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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-26A Sustainable Campus: The Sydney Declaration on Interspecies SustainabilityProbyn-Rapsey, F; Donaldson, S; Ioannides, G; Lea, T; Marsh, K; Neimanis, A; Potts, A; Taylor, N; Twine, R; Wadiwel, D; White, S
2016-10-28Visualizing Alternative Phosphorus Scenarios for Future Food SecurityNeset, T-S; Cordell, D; Mohr, S; VanRiper, F; White, S
2008-01Residential end-use measurement guidebook: a guide to study design, sampling and technologyGiurco, D; Carrard, NR; McFallan, S; Nalbantoglu, M; Inman, M; Thornton, NL; White, S
2017-09-19Universities as facilitators of change: The role of research in achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsChong, J; Atherton, A; Leahy, C; White, S
2004-01Discussion paper: A new distributed infrastructure and services marketBerry, T; Campbell, S; Riedy, C; White, S
2005-01-01The Canberra least cost planning case studyTurner, A; White, S; Bickford, G
2009-01Preferred future phosphorus scenarios: a framework for meeting long-term phosphorus needs for global food demandCordell, DJ; Neset, TS; White, S; Drangert, J; Mavinic, D; Ashley, K; Koch, F
2006-01Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - summary paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
2014-06-01Circular economy: Questions for responsible minerals, additive manufacturing and recycling of metalsGiurco, D; Littleboy, A; Boyle, T; Fyfe, J; White, S
2012-01-01Making better choices: A systematic comparison of adversarial and collaborative approaches to the transport policy processBaumann, C; White, S
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