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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Review of the Metropolitan Water Plan: Final ReportWhite, S; Campbell, D; Giurco, D; Snelling, CM; Kazaglis, A; Fane, SA
1-Jan-2018Test book entry for Craig ArcherArcher, C; White, S
Jan-2001Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 2. Costs and Benefits of Container Deposit Legislation in NSWWhite, S; Aisbett, E; Awad, I; Bubna-Litic, K; Calvert, F; Chanan, V; Cordell, DJ; Hendriks, C; Lee, N; O'Rourke, A; Palmer, J; Robinson, J; Young, E; Sarac, K
Jan-2007Alice Springs Water Efficiency Study Stage III - Implementation of the Alice Springs Water Efficiency Program - Feasibility Study - Final ReportTurner, AJ; White, S; Edgerton, N
Jan-2003Our Public Transport - A Community ViewWhite, S; Campbell, S
Jan-2001Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 1. Extended Producer Responsibility: Principles, Policy and Practice in NSWWhite, S; Calvert, F; Cordell, DJ; O'Rourke, A; Waters, SC; Young, E
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - summary paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2004Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part B: Recycling in Context - the Current SituationWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
1-Dec-2010Learning from the world - Adding a strategic dimension to lesson-drawing from successful sustainable transport policiesBaumann, C; White, S
Jan-2006A 10 point plan for a sustainable transport futureRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; White, S
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