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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01-01It’s More Than the Money: The Relationship Between Social Values and Demographic Change in Sustaining a Rural General Practitioner WorkforceCheney, H; Wilson, E; Willetts, J
2016-12-07Preliminary results from an evaluation of the Blue Pump in Turkana, KenyaFoster, T; McSorley, B; Willetts, J
2016-08-01Reducing or increasing inequalities? The role of private water enterprises in rural Viet NamGrant, ML; Dominish, E; Carrard, N; Bui, L; Ha, H; Nghiem,, T; Willetts, J
2008-01-01Defining and refining effectiveness: Applying narrative and dialogue methods in aid monitoring and evaluationWilletts, J; Cheney, H; Crawford, P
2007-10-11Making decentralised systems viable: A guide to managing decentralised assets and risksWilletts, J; Fane, S; Mitchell, C
2015-10-27Government-led monitoring of water, sanitation and hygiene service adaptation to climate changeKohlitz, J; Chong, J; Willetts, J
2018-01-01Nurturing transdisciplinary graduate learning and skills through a community of practice approachRiedy, C; Mitchell, C; Willetts, J; Cunningham, I
2020-01-01Correction: Groundwater as a source of drinking water in southeast asia and the pacific: A multi-country review of current reliance and resource concerns. [Water (2019), 11, (1605)] doi: 10.3390/w11081605Carrard, N; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2014Water Safety Planning Equity Study: Synthesis Report of Four Case Studies in AsiaWinterford, K; Ross, K; Willetts, J
2019-02-15Learning for adaptive management: using systems thinking tools to inform knowledge and learning approachesGrant, M; Willetts, J
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