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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008NGO partnerships and capacity development in the water sanitation and hygiene sector: Abridged version for public disseminationWilletts, JR; Pedi, D; Carrard, NR; Powell, B; de Lacy, I
Jan-2007Developing City Development Strategies (CDS) for Vietnamese cities: a guide to assist city leadersPaddon, M; Carrard, NR; Herriman, J; Partridge, EY; Willetts, JR
Jan-2010Addressing two critical MDGs together: gender in water, sanitation and hygiene initiativesWilletts, JR; Halcrow, G; Carrard, NR; Rowland, C; Crawford, J
Jan-2010Working effectively with women and men in water, sanitation and hygiene programs: Learnings from research on gender outcomes from rural water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Vanuatu and FijiHalcrow, G; Rowland, C; Willetts, JR; Crawford, J; Carrard, NR
Jan-2012Poverty dimensions of water and sanitation services and climate vulnerability in Can Tho CityCarrard, NR; Paddon, M; Willetts, JR; Moore, DD
Jan-2009Transdisciplinarity: realising its potential to support effective postgraduate sustainability teaching and learningWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Herriman, J; Leal Filho, W
Jan-2011Exploring processes for participation and accountability: A learning paperWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Asker, SA
1-Apr-2016Principles and Guidelines for ethical research and evaluation in developmentWilletts, JR
Jan-2013A systematic review of current evidence: Private and social enterprise engagement in water and sanitation for the poor - Working Paper 1Gero, A; Carrard, NR; Murta, J; Willetts, JR
Jan-2014Incentives for enterprise engagement in Vietnam: Private and social enterprise engagement in water and sanitation for the poorGero, A; Willetts, JR
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