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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-01Transparency on greenhouse gas emissions from mining to enable climate change mitigationAzadi, M; Northey, SA; Ali, SH; Edraki, M
2020-10-22Conclusion and How to Change the WorldGusheh, M; Arvanitakis, J; Arvanitakis, J
2019-03-04Australian and People's Republic of China government conceptions of the international ordervan Nieuwenhuizen, S
2020Measuring horizontal inequity in healthcare utilisation: A review of methodological developments and debatesPulok, M; Van Gool, K; Hall, J; Allin, S
2021Journal of Academic Language and LearningEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Havery, C; James, N
2020Australian graduates’ work readiness – deficiencies, causes and potential solutionsPrikshat, V; Montague, A; Connell, J; Burgess, J
2020-05A Research Agenda for the Future of Urban Water Management: Exploring the Potential of Nongrid, Small-Grid, and Hybrid Solutions.Hoffmann, S; Feldmann, U; Bach, PM; Binz, C; Farrelly, M; Frantzeskaki, N; Hiessl, H; Inauen, J; Larsen, TA; Lienert, J; Londong, J; Lüthi, C; Maurer, M; Mitchell, C; Morgenroth, E; Nelson, KL; Scholten, L; Truffer, B; Udert, KM
2020-09-01A hierarchical, market-based, non-cooperative game-theoretic approach to projecting flexible demand-side resources: Towards more realistic demand response-integrated, long-term energy planning modelsMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Kelly, S
2020-01-02Aboriginal colonial history and the (un)happy object of reconciliationPalmer, J; Pocock, C
2020Empowerment and the individualisation of resistance: A Foucauldian perspective on Theatre of the OppressedWynne, L
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