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2019-07-09Urban metabolism of Bangalore City: A water mass balance analysis (vol 22, pg 1413, 2018)Paul, R; Kenway, S; McIntosh, B; Mukheibir, P
2019-09-01Studio-based learning in a first year engineering curriculum: Exploring students' learning experiences and reflections using the rich picture methodTrede, F; Braun, R; Brookes, W
-Engineering students’ expectations and perceptions of studio-based learningTrede, F; Braun, R; Brookes, W
2019-10-01Using the waste Kuznet's curve to explore regional variation in the decoupling of waste generation and socioeconomic indicatorsMadden, B; Florin, N; Mohr, S; Giurco, D
2019-05-01Supporting Analysts by Dynamic Extraction and Classification of Requirements-Related KnowledgeShakeri Hossein Abad, Z; Gervasi, V; Zowghi, D; Far, BH
2020-01-01The ecological impact of action research on language teacher development: a review of the literatureEdwards, E
2019-09-30Performance-enhancing network pruning for crowd countingLiu, L; Amirgholipour, S; Jiang, J; Jia, W; Zeibots, M; He, X
2020-01-01Global water, sanitation and hygiene research priorities and learning challenges under Sustainable Development Goal 6Setty, K; Jiménez, A; Willetts, J; Leifels, M; Bartram, J
-Subsidiarity and the Moral Justification of Intergovernmental Equalization Grants to Decentralized GovernmentsDrew, J; Miyazaki, M
2020-01-01Storying the future: storytelling practice in transformative systemsRiedy, C; Molthan-Hill, P; Luna, H; Wall, T; Puntha, H; Baden, D
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