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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-01A market instrument to achieve carbon neutrality: Is China's energy-consumption permit trading scheme effective?Zhang, Y; Guo, S; Shi, X; Qian, X; Nie, R
2021-12Integrated energy systems with CCHP and hydrogen supply: A new outlet for curtailed wind powerLi, N; Zhao, X; Shi, X; Pei, Z; Mu, H; Taghizadeh-Hesary, F
2021-09A cross cultural meat paradox: A qualitative study of Australia and India.Khara, T; Riedy, C; Ruby, MB
2021-09-01The critical futurist: Richard Slaughter's foresight practiceRiedy, C
2021-09-01Understanding place-based adaptation of women in a post-cyclone context through place attachmentKhalil, MB; Jacobs, BC
2021-01-01The potential of energy cooperation between China and Australia under the Belt and Road InitiativeXu, Q; Yu, J; Shi, X; Collinson, E
2022-02-01Maximizing the effectiveness of carbon emissions abatement in China across carbon communitiesHuang, L; Kelly, S; Shi, X; Lv, K; Lu, X; Giurco, D
2021-08-02The field of fashion in the digital age: Insights from global and ‘not-so-global’ fashion centresBrydges, T; d’Ovidio, M; Lavanga, M; Leslie, D; Rantisi, N; Hracs, BJ; Brydges, T; Haisch, T; Hauge, A; Jansson, J; Sjoholm, J
2021-08-02Introduction: Exploring tensions in the creative economyBrydges, T; Hracs, BJ; Haisch, T; Hauge, A; Jansson, J; Sjöholm, J; Hracs, BJ; Brydges, T; Haisch, T; Hauge, A; Jansson, J; Sjöholm, J
2021-10-15Collaborative fashion consumption – A synthesis and future research agendaHenninger, CE; Brydges, T; Iran, S; Vladimirova, K
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