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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A Knowledge Network Approach to Understanding Water Shortage Adaptation in KiribatiCunningham, R; Mukheibir, P; Jacobs, B; Boronyak, L; Alofa, P
2020Societal Support for Remediation TechnologiesPrior, J; Hou, D; Sik Ok, Y; Rinklebe, J; Hou, D; Tsang, D; Tack, F
2019-11-27Understanding the diverse norms and rules driving sustainable remediation: a study of positioning, aggregation, and scopingPrior, J; Hou, D
2020-08-11Costs, Climate and Contamination: Three Drivers for Citywide Sanitation Investment DecisionsMills, F; Willetts, J; Evans, B; Carrard, N; Kohlitz, J
2020-06How Are Adolescents Sleeping? Adolescent Sleep Patterns and Sociodemographic Differences in 24 European and North American Countries.Gariepy, G; Danna, S; Gobiņa, I; Rasmussen, M; Gaspar de Matos, M; Tynjälä, J; Janssen, I; Kalman, M; Villeruša, A; Husarova, D; Brooks, F; Elgar, FJ; Klavina-Makrecka, S; Šmigelskas, K; Gaspar, T; Schnohr, C
2020-04-01Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment—part I: a critical review of existing methodsSonderegger, T; Berger, M; Alvarenga, R; Bach, V; Cimprich, A; Dewulf, J; Frischknecht, R; Guinée, J; Helbig, C; Huppertz, T; Jolliet, O; Motoshita, M; Northey, S; Rugani, B; Schrijvers, D; Schulze, R; Sonnemann, G; Valero, A; Weidema, BP; Young, SB
2020-08-26Modelling Welfare Transitions to Prioritise Sustainable Development Interventions in Coastal KenyaKatuva, J; Hope, R; Foster, T; Koehler, J; Thomson, P
2020-01-06Rethinking the economics of rural water in AfricaHope, R; Thomson, P; Koehler, J; Foster, T
2020-01-01Global-scale remote sensing of mine areas and analysis of factors explaining their extentWerner, TT; Mudd, GM; Schipper, AM; Huijbregts, MAJ; Taneja, L; Northey, SA
2020Groundwater and welfare: A conceptual framework applied to coastal KenyaKatuva, J; Hope, R; Foster, T; Koehler, J; Thomson, P
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