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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Test book entry for Craig ArcherArcher, C; White, S
15-Oct-2019Transformative narratives: Memes, stories and their role in transformationsRiedy, C; waddock, S; o'brien, K; carmen, E
Oct-2019Evolutions in estuary governance? Reflections and lessons from Australia, France and New CaledoniaDaniell, KA; Plant, R; Pilbeam, V; Sabinot, C; Paget, N; Astles, K; Steffens, R; Barreteau, O; Bouard, S; Coad, P; Gordon, A; Ferrand, N; Le Meur, P-Y; Lejars, C; Maurel, P; Rubio, A; Rougier, J-E; White, I
Jan-2005Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part A: Developing an Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Empowering the CommunityWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
1-Mar-2013Sustainable Phosphorus Measures: Strategies and Technologies for Achieving Phosphorus SecurityCordell, D; White, S
Jan-2012Recognising the broader benefits of aquatic systems in water planning: an ecosystem services approach (Waterlines Report Series No. 87, August 2012)Plant, R; Hamstead, M; Taylor, C; Prior, TD
Jan-2011Decentralised Energy Costs and Opportunities for VictoriaLangham, E; Dunstan, C; Cooper, C; Moore, DD; Mohr, SH; Ison, N
3-Apr-2019“It’s a Great Idea for Other People”: Cohousing as a Housing Option for Older AustraliansRiedy, C; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
5-Apr-2019Imploding activism: challenges and possibilities of housing scholar-activismChatterjee, P; Condie, J; Sisson, A; Wynne, L
1-Dec-2012The FuturICT education acceleratorJohnson, J; Buckingham Shum, S; Willis, A; Bishop, S; Zamenopoulos, T; Swithenby, S; MacKay, R; Merali, Y; Lorincz, A; Costea, C; Bourgine, P; Lou̧c̃a, J; Kapenieks, A; Kelley, P; Caird, S; Bromley, J; Deakin Crick, R; Goldspink, C; Collet, P; Carbone, A; Helbing, D
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