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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Pushing it! austerity urbanism and dispersed leadership through ‘fleet-of-foot’ mechanisms in times of crisisPugalis, L; Townsend, A; Johnston, L
30-Oct-2017Frontiers in EducationGoldsmith, RJ; Willey, K; Covert, C
3-May-2017Morgan, Michael Test 1Morgan, MJ
22-Aug-2017Therapy fidelity and trial progress in the Very Early Rehabilitation in SpEech (VERSE) trialGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Middleton, S; Ciccone, N; Rai, T; Holland, A; Whitworth, A; Rose, M; Ellery, F; Cadilhac, D; Hankey, G; Bernhardt, J
25-Jul-2017Treatment for people with chronic aphasia – Investigation of high and low intensity, constraint and multimodal treatmentsPierce, JE; Foster, A; Hurley, M; O’Halloran, R; Rose, M; Nickels, L; Togher, L; Meinzer, M; Copland, D; Rai, T; Godecke, E; Joosup, K; Cadilhac, D
25-Jul-2016Influence of Soft Soil Shear Strength on the Seismic Response of Concrete Buildings Considering Soil-Structure InteractionXu, R; Fatahi, B
5-Nov-2015Three Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Considering Soil PlasticityXu, R; Fatahi, B
1-Jun-2011Shared service models in Australian local government: The fragmentation of the New England Strategic Alliance 5 years onConway, ML; Dollery, B; Grant, B
2016On the conduct of concern: exploring how university teachers recognise, engage in, and perform 'identity' practices within academic workgroupsMcLean, J; Peseta, T; Kligyte, G; Smith, J; Smith, J; Rattray, J; Peseta, T
1-Aug-2016Strengthening local governance arrangements for sanitation: case studies of small cities in IndonesiaChong, Y; Abeysuriya, K; Hidayat, L; Sulistio, H; Willetts, JR
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