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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01A Low Energy House Concept Transformed in the Phase of Innovation DiffusionGlad, W; Innovation, CRCCRCFC
2008-01Changing the culture of commercial buildings in Australia: the role of green leasesRoussac, C; McGee, CM; Milne, GR; Foliente, G; Luetzkendorf, T; Newton, P; Paevere, P
2008-01NGO partnerships and capacity development in the water sanitation and hygiene sector: Abridged version for public disseminationWilletts, JR; Pedi, D; Carrard, NR; Powell, B; de Lacy, I
2008-12-15Compton scattering study of electron momentum distribution in lithium fluoride using 662 keV gamma radiationsVijayakumar, R; Shivaramu; Ramamurthy, N; Ford, MJ
2008-01-01The emergence of Multi-Modal Distraction as a paediatric pain management toolMiller, K; Bucolo, S; Patterson, E; Kimble, RM
2008-01What do UTS students think about climate change? survey resultsPartridge, EY; Atherton, AM
2008-01-01Rhythms of “being” at ISIC - Understanding the place of the ISIC conferences in information seeking researchAnderson, TD; Orsatti, J
2008-01Guide to Demand ManagementTurner, AJ; Willetts, JR; Fane, SA; Giurco, D; Kazaglis, A; White, S
2008-07-01Potential impact of emission trading schemes on the Australian National Electricity MarketZhou, X; Dong, Z; Liebman, A; James, G
2008-01Win, win, win: Regulating electricity distribution networks for reliability, consumers and the environment: review of the NSW D-Factor and alternative mechanisms to encourage demand managementDunstan, C; Abeysuriya, K; Shirley, W
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