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2010-10-01Creating new career pathways to reduce poverty, illiteracy and health risks, while transforming and empowering Cambodian women's livesLee, H; Pollock, G; Lubek, I; Niemi, S; O'Brien, K; Green, M; Bashir, S; Braun, E; Kros, S; Huot, V; Ma, V; Griffiths, N; Dickson, B; Pring, N; Sphkurst Huon-Ribeil, K; Lim, N; Turner, J; Winkler, C; Wong, ML; Van Merode, T; Dy, BC; Prem, S; Idema, R
2010-01Peak minerals: mapping sustainability issues at local and national scalesGiurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Mudd, GM; Engineering, NZSFS; Science
2010-12-01Developing innovative teaching materials that use molecular simulations in engineering thermodynamicsDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J
2010-01Cohere: A prototype for contested collective intelligenceDe Liddo, A; Buckingham Shum, S
2010-01Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the Pacific: The challenge of integration. ATRC-NHRL Miscellaneous Report 4Gero, A; Meheux, K; Dominey-Howes, D
2010-01Not what they seem: An analysis of strategic service delivery partnerships in local governmentDollery, B; Grant, BJ; Crase, L
2010-01The Teagle Debate: Should Academic Economists Think Like Teachers?Kandlbinder, PA
2010-09-28The potential economic impact of climate change on equitable water access in small towns: A South African case studyMukheibir, P
2010-01What's Fair? Intergovernmental Relations in AustraliaSansom, GC; Brunet-Jailly, E; Martin, J
2010-01-01Religion, sexuality and retribution: Placing the 'other' in SydneyCusack, CM; Prior, JH
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