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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04-01Investigating the governance of autonomous public hospitals in England: Multi-site case study of NHS foundation trustsAllen, P; Keen, J; Wright, J; Dempster, P; Townsend, J; Hutchings, A; Street, A; Verzulli, R
2012-01-01The willingness of farmers to engage with bioenergy and woody biomass production: A regional case study from CumbriaConvery, I; Robson, D; Ottitsch, A; Long, M
2012-12-01Towards a global participatory platform: Democratising open data, complexity science and collective intelligenceBuckingham Shum, S; Aberer, K; Schmidt, A; Bishop, S; Lukowicz, P; Anderson, S; Charalabidis, Y; Domingue, J; de Freitas, S; Dunwell, I; Edmonds, B; Grey, F; Haklay, M; Jelasity, M; Karpištšenko, A; Kohlhammer, J; Lewis, J; Pitt, J; Sumner, R; Helbing, D
2012-02-01The Future of Renewables Linked by a Transnational Asian GridTaggart, S; James, G; Dong, Z; Russell, C
2012-01The industry studio in the creative arts: ten practitioner perspectivesPeterson, J; McWhinnie, LJ; Lawrence, J; Arnold, J
2012-12-01Preemptive Hadoop jobs scheduling under a deadlineLiu, L; Zhou, Y; Liu, M; Xu, G; Chen, X; Fan, D; Wang, Q
2012-06-01Organizational Form as a Mechanism to Involve Staff, Public and Users in Public Services: A Study of the Governance of NHS Foundation TrustsAllen, P; Townsend, J; Dempster, P; Wright, J; Hutchings, A; Keen, J
2012-01Using scenarios to explore the social aspects of design led innovationsChamorro-koc, M; Adkins, M; Bucolo, S; Ed, HC
2012-01Research into the Economic, Social and Environmental Implications of Population Growth in Australian Cities: Case Study - Playford, SAHerriman, E; Sharpe, SA; Moore, DD; Ross, K; Partridge, EY; Paddon, M
2012-01Australian Cotton Futures: Final forum reportPrior, TD; Asker, SA; Plant, R
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