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Jan-2013The Challenges of Community Engagement in Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local Government in AustraliaGibbs, M; Kamnuansilpa, P; Sampson, CL
Jan-2013Clermont preferred future: Stakeholder reflections on a community foresight and planning initiativeParsons, R; Lederwasch, AJ; Moffat, K
1-Jan-2013Urban water governance in Australia: The private sector at the marginsPaddon, M
Jan-2013A methodological approach to modelling design led innovation across secondary education: An Australian case studyWright, N; Wrigley, C; Bucolo, S; Chair, NLV
Jan-2013The creative citizen: Understanding the value of design education programs in the knowledge economyWright, N; Davis, B; Bucolo, S; Chair, NLV
Jan-2013Stakeholder and citizen roles in public deliberationKahane, D; Loptson, K; Herriman, J; Hardy, M
Jan-2013'Die internationale Gewerkschaftsbewegung, Arbeitskonflikte und Aussichten auf Tarifverhandlungen in China' (Strikes in China's Export Industries and the Reaction of the Chinese Government and Official Trade Union),Chan, A; Egger, G; Fuchs, D; Immervill, T; Steinmassl, L
Jan-2013That Laboratory-Derived Findings Generalize to Work Teams: A Search for the Supporting EvidenceMorgan, AC; Unknown
1-Jan-2013Predicting the diversity of internal temperatures from the English residential sector using panel methodsKelly, S; Shipworth, M; Shipworth, D; Gentry, M; Wright, A; Pollitt, M; Crawford-Brown, D; Lomas, K
1-Mar-2013THE GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN: Value for Whom? The Soccer Ball Industry in China and PakistanXue, H; Chan, A
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