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1-Jan-2014Incentives for enterprise engagement in Timor-Leste’, Private and social enterprise engagement in water and sanitation for the poor – Working Paper 2Murta, J; Willetts, J
1-Jan-2014Making better recycled water investmentsMurta, J; Mitchell, C
1-Jan-2014Pushing it! austerity urbanism and dispersed leadership through ‘fleet-of-foot’ mechanisms in times of crisisPugalis, L; Townsend, A; Johnston, L
2014Men of Business ‘Paying it Forward’ Program-A report for the MOBBurton, L; O'Shea, É; Olliver,, S
Jan-2014Multilayers DNA - QR Based SteganographyCarrion Gordon, L; Wazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Wazirali, R
Aug-2014New Primary Healthcare Organisations: Recognising Opportunities to Transition to Transformative Healthcare Organisations?O’Shea, É; Palmer, V
1-Jan-2014Turning points in narratives of research design: Research innovation stimulating unique responses to existing challenges for beginning rural teachersMorrison, CM; Willis, J; Crosswell, L; Gibson, A
1-Jan-2014Student use of technologies for learning â€" what has changed since 2010?Gosper, M; McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K
1-Jan-2014Socio-economic status and students' experiences of technologies: Is there a digital divide?McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Gosper, M; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K
1-Jan-2014Using research to inform learning technology practice and policy: A qualitative analysis of student perspectivesRussell, C; Malfroy, J; Gosper, M; McKenzie, J
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