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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jul-2018A multidimensional approach to factors influencing playing level and position in a school-based soccer programmeLovell, TWJ; Bocking, CJ; Fransen, J; Coutts, AJ
1-Mar-2018Inner West Council - Transition Assistance Research NDIS Literature ReviewRyan, R; Miller, K; McCormick, S
2-Jan-2018Factors affecting physical match activity and skill involvement in youth soccerLovell, TWJ; Bocking, CJ; Fransen, J; Kempton, T; Coutts, AJ
1-Jan-2018Making learning journeys visible: Towards supporting collective reflection on graduate attributesMartinez-Maldonado, R; Anderson, TD; Silva Feraud, I; Buckingham Shum, S
1-Jan-2018Steganographic data heritage preservation using sharing images appChaczko, Z; Wazirali, R; Gordon, LC; Bożejko, W
2018Ngarrindjeri Vision for the Ecological Character of the Coorong and Lower LakesHemming, S; Rigney, D; Rigney, G; Trevorrow, L; Muller, SL; Della-Sale, A; Mosley, L; Ye, Q; Shepherd, S; Hemming, S; Fitzpatrick, R
1-Oct-2018The price of populism: The association between directly elected mayors and unit expenditure in local governmentMcQuestin, D; Drew, J
16-Oct-2018The Price of Populism: Directly Elected Mayors and Expenditure in Local GovernmentDrew, J; McQuestin, D
16-May-2018Aspirations of Vietnamese overseas-trained graduates in their homelandPham, LT; Tran, LT; Marginson, S
25-Sep-2018The relations between disability and residents worry about environmental contaminationConnon, I; Prior, J; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Madden, B
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