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1-Apr-2019Application of risk-based, adaptive pathways to climate adaptation planning for public conservation areas in NSW, AustraliaJacobs, B; Boronyak, L; Mitchell, P
Oct-2019Evolutions in estuary governance? Reflections and lessons from Australia, France and New CaledoniaDaniell, KA; Plant, R; Pilbeam, V; Sabinot, C; Paget, N; Astles, K; Steffens, R; Barreteau, O; Bouard, S; Coad, P; Gordon, A; Ferrand, N; Le Meur, P-Y; Lejars, C; Maurel, P; Rubio, A; Rougier, J-E; White, I
22-Jan-2019The Very Early Rehabilitation in Speech (VERSE) after stroke trial: an international 3-arm clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of early, intensive, prescribed, direct aphasia therapyGodecke, E; Armstrong, E; Rai, T; Cadilhac, D; Middleton, S; Ciccone, N; Rose, M; Whitworth, A; Ellery, F; Holland, A; Hankey, G; Bernhadt, J
22-May-2019Fewer but Longer Treatment Sessions for Aphasia Are Associated with Better Recovery in The Very Early Rehabilitation in Speech (Verse) Clinical Trial CohortRai, T; Godecke, E; Armstrong, E; Cadilhac, D; Ciccone, N; Rose, M; Holland, A; Whitworth, A; Ellery, F; Hankey, G; Middleton, S; Bernhardt, J; Norrving, B
15-Jan-2019‘Posthuman Systems’Bignall, S; Braidotti, R; Braidotti, R; Bignall, S
1-Jan-2019Action research remodelled in a competitive, profit-oriented sector: teachers’ and managers’ perspectivesEdwards, E; Ellis, NJ
1-Jun-2019English language teachers' agency and identity mediation through action research: A Vygotskian sociocultural analysisEdwards, E; Kayi-Aydar, H; Gao, XA; Miller, E; Varghese, M; Vitanova, G
25-Jul-2019Data and Privacy in SchoolsBruce, S; Pham, K
10-Oct-2019Citizen Perspectives on Technology in Local AreasBruce, S; Pham, K; Tindale, A
1-Jan-2019A stakeholder visioning exercise to enhance chronic care and the integration of community pharmacy servicesFranco-Trigo, L; Tudball, J; Fam, D; Benrimoj, SI; Sabater-Hernández, D
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