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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-20Measuring the low-carbon energy transition in Chinese cities.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Sun, Y; Shan, Y
2023-01-11As international students flock back, they face even worse housing struggles than before COVIDMorris, A; Ashton, L; Wilson, S
2023-02-14Housing and inequality in AustraliaMorris, A
2023-01-01Action Research Pedagogy in Educational Institutions: Emancipatory, Relational, Critical and ContextualRiedy, C; Parenti, M; Childers-McKee, C; Teehankee, B
2023-03Can rental platforms contribute to more sustainable fashion consumption? Evidence from a mixed-method studyAmasawa, E; Brydges, T; Henninger, CE; Kimita, K
2023-02Increasing packaging grade recovery rates of plastic milk bottles in Australia: A material flow analysis approachMadden, B; Jazbec, M; Florin, N
2023-01-23State of play in Australian sustainable fashion research: Current and future directionsRetamal, M; Brydges, T; Sharpe, S; Ferrero-Regis, T; Fisher, D; Gwilt, A; Lake, L; Holgar, M; Khan, R; Nay, Z; Payne, A; Roberts, K
2023-02Power shortage and firm performance: Evidence from a Chinese city power shortage indexGuo, D; Li, Q; Liu, P; Shi, X; Yu, J
2023-01-09Prevalence and Characteristics of Australians Complementary Medicine Product Use, and Concurrent Use with Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications-A Cross Sectional Study.Harnett, J; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Addison, T; Bannerman, H; Egelton, L; Ma, J; Zabakly, L; Steel, A
2023-03-22Wikimedia Australia and First Nations Metadata: ATSILIRN Protocols for Description and AccessThorpe, K; Sentance, N; Booker, L
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