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2013-01-01Prior high-intensity intermittent running reduces exercise intensity and skill performance in small-sided rugby gamesKempton, T; Coutts, AJ
2020-09-07Submission to the NSW Legislative Council's Inquiry into high level of First Nations people in custody and oversight and review of deaths in custody.Longman C; Behrendt L
2020-12-10Test book for troubleshooting 2020-12-10Slack B; Slack B
2020-10-20ACIAR Technical Report No. 96, COVID-19 and Food Systems in the Indo-Pacific An Assessment of Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Opportunities for ActionRobins L; Crimp S; Wensveen MV; Alders RG; Bourke RM; Butler B; Cosijn M; Davila F; Lal A; McCarthy JF; McWilliam A; Palo ASM; Thomson N; Warr P; Webb M
2020-12-11Test Journal Article 999Heydon G
2020-10Australian Naturopaths' Approach to Caring for People with Cardiovascular Disease and Associated Risk Factors: A Qualitative Study of the Providers' Perspective.Steel A; Rickwood C; Bradley R; Foley H; Harnett JE
-Bringing History Forward: Learning from Historical Context when Translating Contemporary Health Evidence into Planning PracticePaine G; Thompson S; Prior J; Connon I; Kent JL
2020-12The effects of vitamin D on acute viral respiratory infections: A rapid review.Bradley R; Schloss J; Brown D; Celis D; Finnell J; Hedo R; Honcharov V; Pantuso T; Peña H; Lauche R; Steel A
2018-12-01The Role of Revenue Volatility in Local Expenditure Volatility: A Comparison of Tokyo Metropolitan Local GovernmentsTran, TV; Drew, J; Noguchi, M
2020-07-02The absence of a media literacy toolbox: working towards an evaluation toolYakub G; Knight S; Kitto K; Fray P
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