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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Structural validity of a brief scale adapted to measure adolescent spiritual health.Shaver, N; Michaelson, V; Whitehead, R; Pickett, W; Brooks, F; Inchley, J; HBSC Spiritual Health Writing Group,
2020-09Pathogen flows from on-site sanitation systems in low-income urban neighborhoods, Dhaka: A quantitative environmental assessmentAmin, N; Liu, P; Foster, T; Rahman, M; Miah, MR; Ahmed, GB; Kabir, M; Raj, S; Moe, CL; Willetts, J
2022-07-26An argument for pandemic risk management using a multidisciplinary One Health approach to governance: an Australian case study.Woolaston, K; Nay, Z; Baker, ML; Brockett, C; Bruce, M; Degeling, C; Gilbert, J; Jackson, B; Johnson, H; Peel, A; Sahibzada, S; Oskam, C; Hewitt, CL
2021-11-24Whether Urbanization Has Intensified the Spread of Infectious Diseases—Renewed Question by the COVID-19 PandemicYu, D; Li, X; Yu, J; Shi, X; Liu, P; Tian, P
2021-05Pre-existing COPD is associated with an increased risk of mortality and severity in COVID-19: a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis.Rabbani, G; Shariful Islam, SM; Rahman, MA; Amin, N; Marzan, B; Robin, RC; Alif, SM
2022-04-28Lived-Experience of Women’s Well-Being in the Cyclone Shelters of Coastal BangladeshChowdhury, TJ; Arbon, P; Gebbie, K; Muller, R; Kako, M; Steenkamp, M
2016-07A scoping review to understand "leadership" in interprofessional education and practice.Brewer, ML; Flavell, HL; Trede, F; Smith, M
2021-04Modelling faecal pathogen flows and health risks in urban Bangladesh: Implications for sanitation decision makingFoster, T; Falletta, J; Amin, N; Rahman, M; Liu, P; Raj, S; Mills, F; Petterson, S; Norman, G; Moe, C; Willetts, J
-Interview with Verity Firth: commercial interests and public health policyFirth, V; Freeman, B
2021COVID-19 and Global Supply Chain Configuration: Economic and Emissions Impacts of Australia-China Trade Disruptions.Shi, X; Cheong, TS; Zhou, M
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