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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-26Modelling Welfare Transitions to Prioritise Sustainable Development Interventions in Coastal KenyaKatuva, J; Hope, R; Foster, T; Koehler, J; Thomson, P
2020-10-01The roles of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy in industrial energy and related pollutant emission intensitiesHu, C; Hu, B; Shi, X; Wu, Y
2021-06-02An Australian perspective on local government investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructureDwyer, S; Moutou, C; Nagrath, K; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Chapman, D
2021-07-01The implications of green employment: Making a just transition in ASEANSharpe, SA; Martinez-Fernandez, CM
2022-03-01Australian Renewable-Energy Microgrids: A Humble Past, a Turbulent Present, a Propitious FutureWright, S; Frost, M; Wong, A; Parton, KA
2022-10-01Government and Private Company Collaboration in the Governance of Shared Mobility Schemes: A Case Study of Dockless Bike-Sharing Schemes in Sydney, AustraliaCao, J; Prior, J; Giurco, D
2021-11-01On the theoretical conceptualisations, knowledge structures and trends of green new dealsAllam, Z; Sharifi, A; Giurco, D; Sharpe, SA
2022-12-01Conceptual Approaches of Health and Wellbeing at the Apartment Building Scale: A Review of Australian StudiesAl-Obaidi, T; Prior, J; McIntyre, E
2022-06-01Electromobility in Australia: Tariff Design Structure and Consumer Preferences for Mobile Distributed Energy StorageEmodi, NV; Dwyer, S; Nagrath, K; Alabi, J
2022-03-08Resilient Buildings and Distributed Energy: A Grassroots Community Response to the Climate EmergencyNiklas, S; Alexander, D; Dwyer, S
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