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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-15Optimal Investment Planning of Bankable Multi-Carrier Microgrid NetworksAzimian, M; Amir, V; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC; Bazmohammadi, N; Guerrero, JM
2022-07-01Quantifying the effects of forecast uncertainty on the role of different battery technologies in grid-connected solar photovoltaic/wind/micro-hydro micro-grids: An optimal planning studyMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-07-01Self-driving shield: Intelligent systems, methodologies, and practiceHu, M; Wu, B; Zhou, W; Wu, H; Li, G; Lu, J; Yu, G; Qin, Y
2022-12-15Propulsion, deformation, and confinement response of hollow nanocellulose millimotors.Hosseini, M; Babayekhorasani, F; Guo, Z; Liang, K; Chen, V; Spicer, PT
2022-05-01Rolling Surface Defect Inspection for Drum-Shaped Rollers Based on Deep LearningTao, J; Zhu, Y; Jiang, F; Liu, H; Liu, H
2016-11-01The potential role of desalination in managing flood risks from dam overflows: the case of Sydney, AustraliaTurner, A; Sahin, O; Giurco, D; Stewart, R; Porter, M
2023-07-01Energy Internet-Based Load Shifting in Smart Microgrids: An Experimental StudyJasim, AM; Jasim, BH; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2023-01-01Planning and Financing Strategy for Clustered Multi-Carrier MicrogridsAzimian, M; Habibifar, R; Amir, V; Shirazi, E; Javadi, MS; Nezhad, AE; Mohseni, S
2023-07-01Stochastic, resilience-oriented optimal sizing of off-grid microgrids considering EV-charging demand response: An efficiency comparison of state-of-the-art metaheuristicsMohseni, S; Khalid, R; Brent, AC
2023-07-15Smart water networks: A systematic review of applications using high-frequency pressure and acoustic sensors in real water distribution systemsRousso, BZ; Lambert, M; Gong, J
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