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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-26An argument for pandemic risk management using a multidisciplinary One Health approach to governance: an Australian case study.Woolaston, K; Nay, Z; Baker, ML; Brockett, C; Bruce, M; Degeling, C; Gilbert, J; Jackson, B; Johnson, H; Peel, A; Sahibzada, S; Oskam, C; Hewitt, CL
2022-06-01Policy change and the failure of pro-European agency in the British Conservative Party: A post-structuralist analysisWright, JSF
2022-06-01The corporatization of healthcare organizations internationally: A scoping review of processes, impacts, and mediatorsTurner, S; Wright, JSF
2023-01-01Agrifood systems knowledge exchange through Australia-Pacific circular migration schemesDavila, F; Dun, O; Farbotko, C; Jacobs, B; Klocker, N; Vueti, E; Kaumaitotoya, L; Birch, A; Kaoh, P; Pitakia, T; Tuʼitahi, S
2023-01-01Learning the right policy lessons from Beijing’s campaign of trade disruption against AustraliaLaurenceson, J; Armstrong, S
2023-01-01Applying for Social Housing in Australia–The Centrality of Cultural, Social and Emotional CapitalMorris, A; Clarke, A; Robinson, C; Idle, J; Parsell, C
2022-01-01Dynamics of the policy environment and trauma in relations between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the settler-colonial stateVivian, A; Halloran, MJ
2023-01Decomposition of socioeconomic inequalities in catastrophic out-of-pocket expenditure for healthcare in Canada.Hajizadeh, M; Pandey, S; Pulok, MH
2023-09-01Can China's energy-consumption permit trading scheme achieve the “Porter” effect? Evidence from an estimated DSGE modelZhang, Y; Gao, Q; Wei, J; Shi, X; Zhou, D
2023-01-01The temporal dependence of public policy evaluation: the case of local government amalgamationMcQuestin, D; Drew, J; Iiboshi, H
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