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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Collaborative epistemic discourse in classroom information-seeking tasksKnight, S; Mercer, N
2019-04-03Beyond Average: Contemporary statistical techniques for analysing student evaluations of teachingKitto, K; Williams, C; Alderman, L
2019-01-01Action research remodelled in a competitive, profit-oriented sector: teachers’ and managers’ perspectivesEdwards, E; Ellis, NJ
2019-11-01Practical ethics for building learning analyticsKitto, K; Knight, S
2020-01-01Students' sense-making of personalised feedback based on learning analyticsLim, L-A; Dawson, S; Gasevic, D; Joksimovic, S; Fudge, A; Pardo, A; Gentili, S
-Data in practice: A participatory approach to understanding pre-service teachers’ perspectivesPrestigiacomo, R; Hunter, J; Knight, S; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Lockyer, L
2020Self-regulation in open-ended online assignment tasks: the importance of initial task interpretation and goal settingBeckman, K; Apps, T; Bennett, S; Dalgarno, B; Kennedy, G; Lockyer, L
2019-07-01The role of social cues in supporting students to overcome challenges in online multi-stage assignmentsApps, T; Beckman, K; Bennett, S; Dalgarno, B; Kennedy, G; Lockyer, L
2020-01-01Designing translucent learning analytics with teachers: an elicitation processMartinez-Maldonado, R; Elliott, D; Axisa, C; Power, T; Echeverria, V; Buckingham Shum, S
2019-11-01Reproduction and transformation of students’ technology practice: The tale of two distinctive secondary student casesBeckman, K; Bennett, S; Lockyer, L
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