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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Mining in Papua New Guinea: A complex story of trends, impacts and governance.Mudd GM; Roche C; Northey SA; Jowitt SM; Gamato G
2020-05Five pillars for stakeholder analyses in sustainability transformations: The global case of phosphorus.Lyon C; Cordell D; Jacobs B; Martin-Ortega J; Marshall R; Camargo-Valero MA; Sherry E
2020-04-01Mineral resources in life cycle impact assessment—part I: a critical review of existing methodsSonderegger T; Berger M; Alvarenga R; Bach V; Cimprich A; Dewulf J; Frischknecht R; Guinée J; Helbig C; Huppertz T; Jolliet O; Motoshita M; Northey S; Rugani B; Schrijvers D; Schulze R; Sonnemann G; Valero A; Weidema BP; Young SB
2020-01-01Global-scale remote sensing of mine areas and analysis of factors explaining their extentWerner TT; Mudd GM; Schipper AM; Huijbregts MAJ; Taneja L; Northey SA
2020-01-01Toward dynamic evaluations of materials criticality: A systems framework applied to platinumYuan Y; Yellishetty M; Mudd GM; Muñoz MA; Northey SA; Werner TT
2020-11Risky responsibilities for rural drinking water institutions: The case of unregulated self-supply in BangladeshFischer A; Hope R; Manandhar A; Hoque S; Foster T; Hakim A; Islam MS; Bradley D
2018-10Initial data on adsorption of Cs and Sr to the surfaces of microplastics with biofilmJohansen, MP; Prentice, E; Cresswell, T; Howell, N
2020-10Global Metal Use Targets in Line with Climate Goals.Watari T; Nansai K; Giurco D; Nakajima K; McLellan B; Helbig C
2018-12-01Dirty Laundry in Manila: Comparing Resource Consumption Practices for Individual and Shared LaunderingRetamal, M; Schandl, H
2021-01-15Spatial modelling of municipal waste generation: Deriving property lot estimates with limited dataMadden B; Florin N; Mohr S; Giurco D
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