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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-01Towards global phosphorus security: A systems framework for phosphorus recovery and reuse optionsCordell, D; Rosemarin, A; Schröder, JJ; Smit, AL
2005-01-01The future for electrocoagulation as a localised water treatment technologyHolt, PK; Barton, GW; Mitchell, CA
2008-06-24Postwildfire hydrological response in an El Niño-Southern Oscillation-dominated environmentTomkins, KM; Humphreys, GS; Gero, AF; Shakesby, RA; Doerr, SH; Wallbrink, PJ; Blake, WH
2006-02-01The impact of land cover change on a simulated storm event in the Sydney BasinGero, AF; Pitman, AJ
2010-12-01Using climate information for supporting climate change adaptation in water resource management in South AfricaZiervogel, G; Johnston, P; Matthew, M; Mukheibir, P
2018-04-01Uncertainty in projected climate change arising from uncertain fossil-fuel emission factorsQuilcaille, Y; Gasser, T; Ciais, P; Lecocq, F; Janssens-Maenhout, G; Mohr, S
2013-11-01Overcoming cross-scale challenges to climate change adaptation for local government: A focus on AustraliaMukheibir, P; Kuruppu, N; Gero, A; Herriman, J
2016-10-25Investigations into the effects of volatile biomass tar on the performance of Fe-based CLC oxygen carrier materialsBoot-Handford, ME; Florin, N; Fennell, PS
2014-07-01The water impacts of climate change mitigation measuresWallis, PJ; Ward, MB; Pittock, J; Hussey, K; Bamsey, H; Denis, A; Kenway, SJ; King, CW; Mushtaq, S; Retamal, ML; Spies, BR
2011-08-01Improved phosphorus use efficiency in agriculture: A key requirement for its sustainable useSchröder, JJ; Smit, AL; Cordell, D; Rosemarin, A
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