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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-20Context matters: Successes and challenges of intrapartum care scale-up in four districts of AfghanistanTappis, H; Koblinsky, M; Winch, PJ; Turkmani, S; Bartlett, L
2017-07-01Self-harm in adolescence: protective health assets in the family, school and communityKlemera, E; Brooks, FM; Chester, KL; Magnusson, J; Spencer, N
2019-08-01Domains of spirituality and their associations with positive mental health: a study of adolescents in Canada, England and ScotlandMichaelson, V; King, N; Inchley, J; Currie, D; Brooks, F; Pickett, W
2019-09-05Socioeconomic inequalities in maternal health care utilization in GhanaNovignon, J; Ofori, B; Tabiri, KG; Pulok, MH
2014-01-01Supportive communication with parents moderates the negative effects of electronic media use on life satisfaction during adolescenceBoniel-Nissim, M; Tabak, I; Mazur, J; Borraccino, A; Brooks, F; Gommans, R; van der Sluijs, W; Zsiros, E; Craig, W; Harel-Fisch, Y; Finne, E
2020-06How Are Adolescents Sleeping? Adolescent Sleep Patterns and Sociodemographic Differences in 24 European and North American Countries.Gariepy G; Danna S; Gobiņa I; Rasmussen M; Gaspar de Matos M; Tynjälä J; Janssen I; Kalman M; Villeruša A; Husarova D; Brooks F; Elgar FJ; Klavina-Makrecka S; Šmigelskas K; Gaspar T; Schnohr C
2020Inequity in physician visits: the case of the unregulated fee market in AustraliaPulok M; Van Gool K; Hall J
2020-06-29Socioeconomic inequality in tobacco expenditure in Iran: a cross-sectional analysis at national and subnational levels.Rezaei S; Pulok MH; Ebrahimi M
2020-08Healthy urban planning: an institutional policy analysis of strategic planning in Sydney, Australia.Harris P; Kent J; Sainsbury P; Riley E; Sharma N; Harris E
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