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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-01A ‘Knowledge Ecologies’ Analysis of Co-designing Water and Sanitation Services in AlaskaFam, D; Sofoulis, Z
2005-08-18The role of membrane technology in sustainable decentralized wastewater systemsFane, AG; Fane, SA
2018-02-01Faecal pathogen flows and their public health risks in urban environments: A proposed approach to inform sanitation planningMills, F; Willetts, J; Petterson, S; Mitchell, C; Norman, G
2020-10COVID-19: urgent actions, critical reflections and future relevance of 'WaSH': lessons for the current and future pandemics.Howard, G; Bartram, J; Brocklehurst, C; Colford, JM; Costa, F; Cunliffe, D; Dreibelbis, R; Eisenberg, JNS; Evans, B; Girones, R; Hrudey, S; Willetts, J; Wright, CY
2021-08-03Safely Managed On-Site Sanitation: A National Assessment of Sanitation Services and Potential Fecal Exposure in Indonesia.Odagiri, M; Thomas, A; Listyasari, M; Mills, F; Bain, RES; Muhammad, Z; Slaymaker, T; Mardikanto, A; Gultom, A; Indiyani, A; Rangkuti, H; Willetts, J
2018-08-01A Randomized Controlled Trial to Measure Spillover Effects of a Combined Water, Sanitation, and Handwashing Intervention in Rural Bangladesh.Benjamin-Chung, J; Amin, N; Ercumen, A; Arnold, BF; Hubbard, AE; Unicomb, L; Rahman, M; Luby, SP; Colford, JM
2019Quantitative assessment of fecal contamination in multiple environmental sample types in urban communities in Dhaka, Bangladesh using SaniPath microbial approach.Amin, N; Rahman, M; Raj, S; Ali, S; Green, J; Das, S; Doza, S; Mondol, MH; Wang, Y; Islam, MA; Alam, M-U; Huda, TMN; Haque, S; Unicomb, L; Joseph, G; Moe, CL
2017-07-01Comparison of respondent-reported and sensor-recorded latrine utilization measures in rural Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study.Delea, MG; Nagel, CL; Thomas, EA; Halder, AK; Amin, N; Shoab, AK; Freeman, MC; Unicomb, L; Clasen, TF
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