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2018-01-01Evaluating the Benefits of Adaptation of Critical Infrastructures to Hydrometeorological RisksThacker, S; Kelly, S; Pant, R; Hall, JW
2011-01-19Integrating community based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: Examples from the PacificGero, A; Méheux, K; Dominey-Howes, D
2012-12-01Surveying rip current survivors: Preliminary insights into the experiences of being caught in rip currentsDrozdzewski, D; Shaw, W; Dominey-Howes, D; Brander, R; Walton, T; Gero, A; Sherker, S; Goff, J; Edwick, B
2019-01-15The economic impact of climate risks in China: evidence from 47-sector panel data, 2000–2014Sun, Y; Zou, X; Shi, X; Zhang, P
2019-11-01Urbanization and CO<inf>2</inf> emissions in resource-exhausted cities: evidence from Xuzhou city, ChinaGuo, S; Zhang, Y; Qian, X; Ming, Z; Nie, R
2017-01-01Did Obama have a grand strategy?Clarke, M; Ricketts, A
2022Fiscal Capacity, Democratic Institutions and Social Welfare Outcomes in Developing CountriesMurshed, SM; Bergougui, B; Badiuzzaman, M; Pulok, MH
2019-10-20How does living with a disability affect resident worry about environmental contamination? A study of a long-term pervasive hazardConnon, ILC; Prior, JH; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Madden, B
2019-01-15Energy economy system and risk management: a contribution toward China meeting its goals for the Paris climate accordDing, Z; Wu, JS; Shi, X; Wang, Q
2011-06-01The calcium looping cycle for CO<inf>2</inf> capture from power generation, cement manufacture and hydrogen productionDean, CC; Blamey, J; Florin, NH; Al-Jeboori, MJ; Fennell, PS
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