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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-01Reducing risks to rural water security in Africa.Hope, R; Foster, T; Thomson, P
2010-05-01Water access, water scarcity, and climate changeMukheibir, P
2013-11-05Predictors of sustainability for community-managed handpumps in sub-saharan Africa: Evidence from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and UgandaFoster, T
2018-11-02Multiple water source use in rural Vanuatu: are households choosing the safest option for drinking?Foster, T; Willetts, J
2021-06Faecal contamination of groundwater self-supply in low- and middle income countries: Systematic review and meta-analysisGenter, F; Willetts, J; Foster, T
2022-03-01Scenarios for urban water management futures: A systematic review.Sivagurunathan, V; Elsawah, S; Khan, SJ
2021-08-03Safely Managed On-Site Sanitation: A National Assessment of Sanitation Services and Potential Fecal Exposure in Indonesia.Odagiri, M; Thomas, A; Listyasari, M; Mills, F; Bain, RES; Muhammad, Z; Slaymaker, T; Mardikanto, A; Gultom, A; Indiyani, A; Rangkuti, H; Willetts, J
2021-12-08Field Trial of an Automated Batch Chlorinator System at Two Shared Shallow Tubewells among Camps for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.Amin, N; Rahman, M; Alam, M-U; Shoab, AK; Alome, MK; Amin, M; Huda, TMN; Unicomb, L
2015-01Differences in field effectiveness and adoption between a novel automated chlorination system and household manual chlorination of drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh: a randomized controlled trial.Pickering, AJ; Crider, Y; Amin, N; Bauza, V; Unicomb, L; Davis, J; Luby, SP
2019-10-01Faecal contamination of groundwater in rural Vanuatu: prevalence and predictorsFoster, T; Willetts, J; Kotra, KK
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