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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Private exit, public exit, and achievement in secondary educationDrew, J; V. Bernardelli, L; A. Kortt, M
2020-03-07Recognizing animal personhood in compassionate conservationWallach AD; Batavia C; Bekoff M; Alexander S; Baker L; Ben-Ami D; Boronyak L; Cardilini APA; Carmel Y; Celermajer D; Coghlan S; Dahdal Y; Gomez JJ; Kaplan G; Keynan O; Khalilieh A; Kopnina H; Lynn WS; Narayanan Y; Riley S; Santiago-Ávila FJ; Yanco E; Zemanova MA; Ramp D
2020-10-30Do amalgamations make a difference? What we can learn from evaluating the policy success of a large scale forced amalgamation of local government.Drew J; McQuestin D; Miyazaki M
2018-10Initial data on adsorption of Cs and Sr to the surfaces of microplastics with biofilmJohansen, MP; Prentice, E; Cresswell, T; Howell, N
2020-10-01Bourdieu and Jung: A Thought Partnership to Explore Personal, Social, and Collective Unconscious Influences on Professional PracticesTrede F; Bologna R; Patton N
2020-07Police Silence and Aboriginal Deaths in CustodyLongman C
2020-10-01A Critical Imaginal Hermeneutics Approach to Explore Unconscious Influences on Professional Practices: A Ricoeur and Jung PartnershipTrede F; Bologna R; Patton N
2020-05Could the 'Great Writ' lie to release prisoners at risk from COVID-19?Longman C
2020-12Transitioning towards human-large carnivore coexistence in extensive grazing systems.Boronyak L; Jacobs B; Wallach A
2020-07-01A call to action: organizational, professional, and personal change for gender transformative WASH programmingGrant M; Cavill S; Francis N; Leahy C; Huggett C; Leong L; Mercer E; Myers J; Singeling M; Rankin T
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