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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-31Development and preliminary evaluation of the Conventional Medicine Disclosure Index.McIntyre, E; Foley, H; Harnett, J; Adams, J; Steel, A
2020-11-29Colonial ControlBignall, S
2020-05A Research Agenda for the Future of Urban Water Management: Exploring the Potential of Nongrid, Small-Grid, and Hybrid Solutions.Hoffmann, S; Feldmann, U; Bach, PM; Binz, C; Farrelly, M; Frantzeskaki, N; Hiessl, H; Inauen, J; Larsen, TA; Lienert, J; Londong, J; Lüthi, C; Maurer, M; Mitchell, C; Morgenroth, E; Nelson, KL; Scholten, L; Truffer, B; Udert, KM
2020-12Structural validity of a brief scale adapted to measure adolescent spiritual health.Shaver, N; Michaelson, V; Whitehead, R; Pickett, W; Brooks, F; Inchley, J; HBSC Spiritual Health Writing Group,
2020-01-02Aboriginal colonial history and the (un)happy object of reconciliationPalmer, J; Pocock, C
2019-04-15Are piped water services reaching poor households? Empirical evidence from rural Viet NamCarrard, N; Madden, B; Chong, J; Grant, M; Nghiêm, TP; Bùi, LH; Hà, HTT; Willetts, J
2020Towards resolving the phosphorus chaos created by food systemsWithers, PJA; Forber, KG; Lyon, C; Rothwell, S; Doody, DG; Jarvie, HP; Martin-Ortega, J; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D; Patton, M; Camargo-Valero, MA; Cassidy, R
2020-05Five pillars for stakeholder analyses in sustainability transformations: The global case of phosphorus.Lyon, C; Cordell, D; Jacobs, B; Martin-Ortega, J; Marshall, R; Camargo-Valero, MA; Sherry, E
2020Empowerment and the individualisation of resistance: A Foucauldian perspective on Theatre of the OppressedWynne, L
2020-09-06Assessing and developing students' English language proficiency prior to clinical placements: a pilot studyHavery, C; Johnson, A
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