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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2011Digitisation’s impacts on publics: Public knowledge and civic conversationLovari, A; Kim, S; Vibber, K; Kim, J-N
Nov-2015Inquiring into activist publics in chronic environmental issues: use of the mutual-gains approach for breaking a deadlockKim, S; Kim, J-N; Tam, L; Kim, GT
31-Oct-2017Managing collateral damage from nationalist sentiments: Implications of nationalism-induced crises on transnational corporationsTam, L; Kim, S
23-Apr-2016Strategic predisposition in communication management: Understanding organizational propensity towards bridging strategyKim, S
Sep-2017Communication or action? Strategies fostering ethical organizational conduct and relational outcomesKim, S; Krishna, A
May-2016Bridge or buffer: two ideas of effective corporate governance and public engagementKim, S; Kim, J-N
12-Feb-2017Determinants of employee turnover intention: Understanding the roles of organizational justice, supervisory justice, authoritarian organizational culture and organization-employee relationship quality.Kim, S; Tam, L; Kim, J-N; Rhee, Y
Feb-2016Think socially but act publicly: refocusing CSR as corporate public responsibilityKim, S; Kim, J-N; Tam, L
Jan-2012Online Consumer Complaint Behaviors: The Dynamics of Service Failures, Consumers' Word of Mouth, and Organization-Consumer RelationshipsBach, SB; Kim, S
22-Mar-2016Encouraging the rise of fan publics: Bridging strategy to understand fan publics’ positive communicative actionsKrishna, A; Kim, S; Hutchins, A; Natalie, T
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