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2019-03-01Economics or ethics? Exploring the role of CSR expectations in explaining consumers’ perceptions, motivations, and active communication behaviors about corporate misconductKim, S; Krishna, A; Dhanesh, G
2020-02Exploring customers’ situational and word-of-mouth motivations in corporate misconductKrishna, A; Kim, S
2021-12-01Exploring the dynamics between brand investment, customer investment, brand identification, and brand identity fusionKrishna, A; Kim, S
2021-05-25“I’ll Stand by You:” Understanding Customers’ Moral Decoupling Processes and Supportive Behavioral Intentions in Cases of Corporate MisconductKim, S; Krishna, A
2017-09-01Communication or action? Strategies fostering ethical organizational conduct and relational outcomesKim, S; Krishna, A
2018-07-04Unpacking the Effects of Alleged Gender Discrimination in the Corporate Workplace on Consumers’ Affective Responses and Relational PerceptionsKrishna, A; Kim, S; Shim, K
2012-06-01Understanding Public Fears on New Food Technologies: Testing Joint Effects of Cross-Situational Value Predispositions and Situational Perceptive Variables on Risk Perception about the GMO Food IssueKim, J-N; Kim, S; Kim, SY; Krishna, A; Jun, S
2022-10-16Understanding Australian Voters’ Reactions to Allegations of Political Party Misconduct: The Role of Party IdentificationKrishna, A; Kim, S
2019-02-13Winning in the court of public opinion: Exploring public relations–legal collaboration during organizational crisisKim, S; Krishna, A; Plowman, KD
2023-01-23When Culture and Ethics Meet: Understanding the Dynamics between Cultural Dimensions, Moral Orientations, Moral Inequity, and Commitment in the Context of Corporate Misconduct AllegationsKim, S; Krishna, A
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