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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Nationalism and international disputes in China: Implications for transnational corporations as corporate diplomatsTam, L; Kim, S
2015-01-01Inquiring into activist publics in chronic environmental issues: Use of the mutual-gains approach for breaking a deadlockKim, S; Kim, JN; Tam, L; Kim, GT
2016-02-01Think socially but act publicly: Refocusing CSR as corporate public responsibilityKim, S; Kim, JN; Tam, L
2018-11-01Understanding the effects of perceived ethics failure, compassionate leadership, and communication strategy on anti-government sentimentKim, S; Tam, L; Bach, S
2021-11-23Understanding Start-up Employees’ Communicative Behaviors on an Employer Review Website: A Comparison of TikTok and SnapchatKim, S; Tam, L; Seung, B
2023-11Understanding conspiratorial thinking (CT) within public relations research: Dynamics of organization-public relationship quality, CT, and negative megaphoningTam, L; Kim, S
2022-10-12Why are organizations criticized for not listening? Findings from practitioners and stakeholdersTam, L; Kim, S; Hutchings, H; Price, K
2023-07-06Understanding Who is Blamed for COVID-19: Dynamics of Conspiratorial Beliefs, Blame Attribution, Perceived Economic Threat, and Consumer EthnocentrismKim, S; Tam, L; Taylor, M
2017-01-01Determinants of employee turnover intention: Understanding the roles of organizational justice, supervisory justice, authoritarian organizational culture and organization-employee relationship qualityKim, S; Tam, L; Kim, JN; Rhee, Y
2020-12-01The power of sharing power: Presidential character, power mutuality, and country reputationTam, L; Kim, S
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