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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2019Embracing the causal complexity of intersectionality: Introducing a configurational perspective using fuzzy set Qualitative ComparativeToth, Z; Williams, DM
1-Jan-2014Building in sustainability, social responsibility and value co-creationBiggemann, S; Williams, M; Kro, G
Dec-2014Smoke signals: An investigation of anti-smoking communication within marginalised communities within the health system. An outline research proposalWilliams, M; Allan, J
4-Jul-2018Unpacking the Effects of Alleged Gender Discrimination in the Corporate Workplace on Consumers’ Affective Responses and Relational PerceptionsKrishna, A; Kim, S; Shim, K
7-Oct-2019Treating Ivanka Unfairly: Understanding the Impact of Presidential Tweeting on Publics’ Perceptions and Intentions to Buycott or Boycott CorporationsKrishna, A; Kim, S
24-May-2019Speaking out in echo chambers: President Trump’s supporters’ communication behaviors on social media over a political controversyKrishna, A; Kim, S
2019Winning in the Court of Public Opinion: Exploring Public Relations-Legal Collaboration during Organizational CrisisKim, S; Krishna, A; Plowman, K
2016Effective Communication in Clinical Handover From Research to PracticeEggins, S; Slade, D; Geddes, F; Eggins, S; Slade, D; Geddes, F
1-Jan-2017The Sri Lankan civil war and australia's migration policy response: A historical case study with contemporary implicationsBetts, J; Higgins, C
1-Jan-2019Reducing smoking in Australia: How to include aboriginal and torres strait islander peopleWilliams, M; Allan, J
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